Jacomij Electronics Recycling

Jacomij Electronics Recycling

Jacomij Electronics Recycling operates internationally in the high quality processing and recycling of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). Since 1969, Jacomij has built a worldwide reputation as a leading company within the recycling industry. With a modern facility of approximately 35,000m2 and decades of experience, we are able to process electronic scrap in an effecient and sustainable manner. Fully compliant with legally required WEEELABEX / CENELEC standards. In this way, we aim for the availability of valuable raw materials for future generations. 

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Thanks to our PCC service (Processing Under Customs Control), goods that have not yet been customs cleared can be stored and destroyed under supervision at Jacomij. In this way, the supplier saves on import costs & administrative operations. 


Jacomij Electronics Recycling is specialist in the confidential destruction of electronics. These often high-quality products are carefully stored and destroyed in fully secured warehouss with permanent camera surveillance. The material is stripped of packaging prior to destruction to ensure an optimal recycling process. Destruction is followed by report and/or certificate of destruction, fully tailored to customer requirements. 


As logistic center, you want to dispose of returned goods and overstock in an efficient way with the purpose of creating added value. Jacomij is specialized in the sustainable recycling of electronic products that no longer represent a commercial value. By recycling these products, you contribute to the recovery of valuable raw materials.

Patrick de Ligt - Jacomij"We offer sustainable processing and recycling of printed circuit boards, hard discs, disc drives, power supplies, modems, cables, components, telecom boxes, desktop computers, servers, laptops, consumer electronics, phones, smartphones, WEEE and other IT-related products

Our additional services includes: PCC processing under customs control, notifications, transport issues, and electronics destruction"

Patrick de Ligt - Deputy Director

  • Discdrives/CD-ROMS (WEEELABEX) ter recycling
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