Commitment and responsibility
To maintain a prominent position in the recycling market, we innovate constantly and keep product range, processing methods and services at top level. We continuously invest in environmentally friendly and socially responsible business operations. All locations are equipped with liquid-proof floors and air purification systems that meet the highest quality requirements. In addition, our roofs are equipped with solar panels, making Jacomij self-sufficient in energy and at the same time delivering back to the net. 

People are our most valuable resource
The health and safety of our employees is top priority. Not only within the organization, but also in the community in which we operate, we care for a wider impact. As a leading employer in the region, Jacomij shows its local commitment bu supporting activities and initiatives with a strong social and societal character. 

CO2 - reduction
Recycling of metal and electronics waste is active climate protection. Recycling reduces carbon emissions by millions of tons per year. Since the industrial sector must continue to reduce CO2 - emissions in manufacturing, it will also increase its use of recycled materials. 

804 Solar panels | 300.000 KWH produced annualy

Rene Haxe - Jacomij Metalen
"As recycling specialist you have to be able to switch gears like no other because the market in metals and electronics is constantly changing.
If we had predicted five years ago the quantities and types of electronics we would process today, it would most likely have sounded implausible. We have the expertise to accurately assess these changes. Responding to future metal and electronics waste is our strength"

René Haxe - Head of Sales

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